EcoFlex Modular Labs - Overview

EcoFlex Modular Labs offer an innovative and cost-effective solution for streamlining remote testing.

This turnkey solution leverages scientific, energy, and modular construction technology to provide laboratories with reduced logistical and operating costs.

These modular laboratories were developed as petrochemical testing facilities. The design of these intrinsically-safe, energy-efficient labs is easy to customize for your site-specific needs.


EcoFlex Modular Labs are Faster and Cheaper, while offering Better Quality

  1. Construction Savings – 15-20% less expensive than stick-built labs largely because of station-specific restrictions. Delivered and assembled on your site, the lab can be operational within days of arrival.

  2. Operational Savings - less expensive to operate because of reduced electricity costs. Efficient air management in lab environments can save a lot of money.

  3. Safety: Intrinsically Safe fume hood environments in Modular Labs provide your employees a level of protection that meets or exceeds applicable codes and regulations. This system offers 24/7 air supply and exhaust modulated for occupied and non-occupied with our VAV systems and controls.

  4. Relocatable Flexibility: If pipeline station demands change in the future, your EcoFlex Modular Lab will be ready. This efficient laboratory asset is good to go.

Want to know more about EcoFlex Modular Labs?

EcoFlex delivers cost-effective laboratory air-management solutions. With EcoFlex, you get high quality engineering focused on energy savings, safety, and smart ergonomic designs that maximize user satisfaction.


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