EcoFlex Labs Deliver Petroleum Pipeline Milestone

EcoFlex Labs, a collaboration of G&K Development and Green Energy Hoods, recently completed its 2nd modular lab installation in Cushing, Oklahoma. There are now fourteen (14) EcoFlex petroleum test labs in eight states across the U.S. and in Canada.

“The pipeline operator must provide proof of the quality and types of petroleum liquids in transport,” explained Nick Georgiou, co-owner of G&K Development. “These modular labs are the checkpoints that test product quality and provide verification to the customer.”

These high-quality products are engineered to provide new options for managers who need to build a new laboratory, or to add fume hoods at an existing lab.

There are many benefits to building these labs off-site, shipping them to their locations and reassembling them on-site. Those benefits include:

  1. TIME – The Cushing Lab installation was finished 10 days from the date it arrived on site. Typically, it takes eight months from project award to build and deliver these labs.
  2. COSTS– To the extent possible, construction is done off-site. This often results in a lower financial cost, and always reduces the disruption caused by on-site construction.
  3. SAFETY– An off-site modular build-out avoids months spent on site. This reduces construction complications to pipeline operations.

“The result of our Cushing client choosing modular construction is a safe new, state-of-the-art, laboratory delivered with minimal disruption to their day-today operations,” Georgiou added.

“We offer a turnkey solution that provides our clients with one source for all of their needs, from permitting to final commissioning,” Sparbel said. “This way they have the peace of mind that their labs are being designed, built and turned over to them fully commissioned and ready to use.”

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About EcoFlex

EcoFlex™ is a laboratory marketing collaboration led by Green Energy Hoods and G&K Development. It delivers flexible and cost-effective laboratory products known for innovative, intrinsically-safe, and energy saving features.

EcoFlex Modular Labs provide laboratory design, design/build, construction management, and general contracting services for petrochemical and other remote laboratory markets. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and listed with ISNetworld.

For information, please visit or call 920-265-0987 to learn more about these innovative technologies.

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EcoFlex delivers cost-effective laboratory air-management solutions. With EcoFlex, you get high quality engineering focused on energy savings, safety, and smart ergonomic designs that maximize user satisfaction.


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