EcoFlex Modular Labs - Safety

GUARANTEED compliant with all applicable regulatory codes.

Safety and Fire Protection

Modular laboratory fire protection measures are calibrated to standards established in NFPA 30: Fire Protection, Extinguishment, Flammable and Combustible Liquids, and NFPA 45: Fire Protection for Laboratories Using Chemicals.

Alarm Systems

Petroleum industry labs are provided with smoke, heat, and gas detection devices that alarm both internally and externally.

Laboratories are equipped with fire alarm pull stations at each point of exit. Local fire alarms warn all personnel who may be affected. Connected remote alarms can also send signals to a “constantly attended” control center.

Emergency Response Equipment for Personnel Protection

EcoFlex Modular Labs reduce the negative impact of hazards should your staff be exposed. Our labs have emergency response equipment like emergency showers and eyewash stations, and are stocked with chemical first aid kits for the hazards your personnel are most likely to encounter.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is provided for any situation where gas detection, fire alarms, or ventilation switches automatically engage.


Grounding and Static Discharge Control

The design, specification and installation of fume hoods comply with all requirements of NFPA 77: Static Electricity, NFPA 91: Exhaust Systems for Air Conveying of Materials, Clause 2-9: Protection Against Static Electricity.

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EcoFlex delivers cost-effective laboratory air-management solutions. With EcoFlex, you get high quality engineering focused on energy savings, safety, and smart ergonomic designs that maximize user satisfaction.


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