EcoFlex Modular Labs - Requirements

Basic Modular Lab Configuration

The standard EcoFlex Modular Lab configuration includes:

  • Fume Hoods
  • VAV Airflow Controls
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Waste Disposal if required
  • Cabinets
  • Venting
  • Electrical

The basic units are 31’ in length, but we are flexible. We delivered a 65’ unit when our customer requested that length.


We evaluate each modular lab to identify the optimal design for set-up, length, and equipment.

Many customers also want construction support. Offered as needed: site prep, concrete foundations and pads, electrical service set-up, plumbing, etc.


EcoFlex Modular Lab Design and Construction

  1. Prefabricated laboratory with full metal construction.
  2. Stainless steel fume hoods and work tops, and painted base cabinetry.
  3. Full VAV exhaust system for fume hoods and exhausts with automatic changeover Run and Standby motors.
  4. Make-up AHU with automatic heating and cooling.
  5. Internal electrical service for lighting and power outlets.
  6. External power distribution panels for 480V, 208V, 120V.
  7. Plumbing and drainage as needed.
  8. Fire detection system.
  9. Gas detection for Hydrocarbon and toxic gas fumes.
  10. Self-contained laboratories only require on-site connections to utilities and drainage.

Factory Testing

The fully assembled labs are tested at the factory before shipping. Clients are invited to send inspectors for the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) process.

Want to know more about EcoFlex Modular Labs?

EcoFlex delivers cost-effective laboratory air-management solutions. With EcoFlex, you get high quality engineering focused on energy savings, safety, and smart ergonomic designs that maximize user satisfaction.


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