Case Study: Cromer, MB
Economical Modular Laboratory Delivers Quality & Energy Savings


The existing Petroleum Testing Lab was old and no longer met Company Standards for Laboratory Design, Sampling, and Sample Storage.

The site experiences significant winter conditions so both lab and exterior HVAC equipment were elevated for winter operations.

In addition, the current hazardous storage area for petroleum sampling cans was inadequate.


Project Scope

The scope of work included all engineering, design and approvals, in accordance with Canadian codes and company lab standards.

The team supplied, installed, and commissioned all equipment and fabricated material. EcoFlex trained site personnel in its use and function.

EcoFlex developed a Building Plan with the client to address Site and Lab Programming parameters.

Critical review revealed challenging issues:

  • Airflow to both lab rooms
  • HVAC: units elevated to fit into tight site
  • Electrical: shares a common elevated access area with electrical switchgear building
  • Site electrical service distribution is 600V
  • Gas detection systems
  • Equipment location, orientation, safety, and size

The team provided CSA certification at our production site prior to shipment of the completed lab to the Candaian site.

The client selected a Modular Construction design with pre-engineered insulated walls, a structural steel-framed floor, roof, and metal siding.

Petroleum Industry Laboratory
Market: Midstream Pipeline
Construction: Modular
Type: Testing/Gauger
Size: 31'x13'
Layout: 2 rooms
Airflow System: Variable Air Volume (VAV)

The laboratory met all industry air-change rate, fume hood face velocity, contaminant and pressurization envelope standards.
The scope also included:

  • Enhanced Lab Ventilation with VAV System
  • Air Quality Monitoring and Alarms
  • Fume Hood Work Process Space
  • HVAC Automation with VFD Controls
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Separate Flammable Liquid and Hazardous Storage
  • Test Equipment Space
  • Mineral Spirits Supply Tank

This modular lab met or exceeded Laboratory, Sample, and Sample Storage Company Standards. It also met all current Health, Safety, and Environment codes and standards.



  • Cost reduction due to offsite modular construction
  • Quick on-site assembly with minimal disruption
  • Increased safety for lab personnel
  • Higher quality test results
  • Energy efficiency reduced lab energy costs by 80%
EcoFlex Modular Labs provide laboratory solutions that deliver a safer workplace environment, increased energy efficiency, and improved operational performance

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