Why EcoFlex Relocatable Fume Hoods?

  • Better Energy Savings:
    VAV (Variable Air-Volume) Controls and LED lighting with Auto Sash Controller decreases energy use and saves money.

  • Truly Relocatable:
    Factory-Assembled and Commissioned with integrated, stand alone controls which allow relocation and set-up in about 4 hours.

  • Smart Space:
    Ergonomic style offers compact Slim Wall Design, large work space, generous side windows, simple waste handling, and adjustable bench height.
    • Reduce overall laboratory size.
    • Fit fume hoods in a given space.
    • Provide more bench space.

  • Safety First:
    The high containment performance of these instrinsically safe hoods ensures user safety.

  • Innovative Waste Management:
    EcoFlex offers more comfortable work stations by streamlining waste handling systems.

Questions about Relocatable Fume Hoods or Modular Laboratories?

EcoFlex delivers cost-effective laboratory air-management solutions. With EcoFlex, you get high quality engineering focused on energy savings, safety, and smart ergonomic designs that maximize user satisfaction.


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